Founded by telecom executive Rudy Geist and a DC-based national commercial real estate developer, Airwave Developers deploys AWDNet to provide whole‑building LTE/5G wireless networks and uses solutions ranging from CBRS deployment to rooftop antenna installation to help offices and building owners improve in‑building wireless and cellular coverage. 

Our services create the opportunity for enterprises to take their wireless destinies into their own hands–not just for assurance of quality of a critical utility, but also to serve their employees and customers in new ways. 

  • Trusted, responsive Internet Service Provider
  • Enhanced cellular coverage 
  • Broadband provision in‑building and outside 
  • Data storage and access 
  • Local IT outsourcing (network security, data management, etc.) 

After establishing a core and local access ring, costs largely become variable and calibrated to needs of our customers. 

  • Interior and exterior networking 
  • Capital improvements such as cell and broadband preparation and PPE enhancements
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer setup and management
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Learn how AWDNet can help increase network security and reliability for your business while also lowering Voice, Internet & IT costs.

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